Saturday, November 26, 2011


we put up our tree today and ate popcorn and watched christmas movies and i bought some lovely christmas ornaments whose proceeds go toward a great cause.

it's the saturday after american thanksgiving; what did you do today?

{also, nick caught the mouse that was terrorizing me last night at 2am. sweet relief!}


  1. YAY for the tree and for catching pests :) Love your tree.
    Unfortunately today I studied. And did chores. BUT I'm going to a school play tonight that's doing The Music Man! Remember him???

  2. Lovely tree! looks like you had enough lights too :) and Jude in his tradmark outfit!! Keven was just laughing at me today, saying I was hanging laundry outside and in a tee shirt at the end of Nov!! I told him it's a Ugandan fall! I also cooked up 4 meals for a family expecting baby no.Two and chased Parker around!

  3. Lovely! We'll get our tree up tomorrow, I think. We just got home from being away for a couple days. We spent yesterday doing fun things in Grand Rapids as a family!



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