Saturday, November 5, 2011

jude's antics

jude is just one of those kids.
you know the kid whose parents always have an outrageous story to tell of his latest adventures?
the kind of kid who can't be left alone for too long or else he's bound to get into some sort of crazy mischief?
the one who blurts out hilarious comments in unexpected moments?
jude cracks me up

yesterday alone he did several things that made me laugh out loud.
after dinner he slapped his hand and then said, "sorry, hand. will you forgive me?" *pause* "will you forgive me, hand? HAND?!"

later after i gave him a cookie he looked at it and then made it say {as if it were a puppet}, "hi, i'm a butterfly." and then he made if "fly" all around. he then looked at me and said, "i eat butterflies. big ones." and proceeded to shove the cookie into his mouth.

he constantly does sound effects and plays around with using different "voices" depending on the situation.

and then last night i ran the boys' baths {see this post for what that actually means} while they were wrestling with jamie in our room. i went back to the living room, heard jamie say "okay, bath time" and then noah came out to me to help him with his shirt. then he ran back to the bathroom and called out, "MOM! Jude, come SEE!" and i already knew what i would find when i went into the bathroom.

and this morning? 
while jamie was scrubbing off some pen & marker that noah had used to illustrate some art on our coffee table, i was trying to print off and make up our weekly meal plan when jude came into the spare room {where our printer is} and said,
"look mom! a daddy rock!"
i looked over.
it was a rock-hard piece of poop. in his hand.

life is nothing less than exciting around here!


  1. Oh my... you need to put a critter cam on him :) It's pretty hilarious about the 'daddy rock'!! Vanessa, I can see why you'll need to be well rested each day - the boy doesn't stop!! Give them both big hugs from me please!!

  2. Haaahahaha, that's hilarious. I love the conversation with the hand. I tried to "like" the video of Jude's clothed bath but it wouldn't let me. Good thing Noah is the older brother. Think that little man might need a level-headed older brother. :)

  3. I agree with Tamsin hahaha it's more fun being second hehe!JK. I can't wait til your next stories :)

  4. Today in the car on the drive home from dinner while Noah slept beside me, Jude listed off body parts and told them how much he loved (wuved) them and then gave them all kisses.
    (toes, knees, hands, feet...)
    I just about died.

  5. The video was my favourite. I laughed so hard watching it! I miss you guys. Your family pic is up on my wall and I pray for you often!

  6. I love this Vanessa! I'm glad you can already laugh about Jude's antics! I am just laughing about some of Y's "adventures" now:)

    That video is pretty hilarious!!


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