Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a new era

remember my share the love blog posts? remember when i blogged about my love for our sound machine{s}?
yesterday i was commenting to my friend, aletha, that i love our sound machines. if there's any "sleep crutch" i've leaned on heavily, it's been sound machines. my kids have done so well sleeping on the go, in different places and i credit the sound machine largely for their flexibility. it's just a small piece of "familiar" that we can take with us.
so i went to turn on the sound machine yesterday for jude's nap and


the green light went on, but no sound came out. jamie thinks it was likely the result of a power surge.
RIP sound machine. i tried our other sound machine but jude didn't like the sound of it {he's in a scared stage these days.} so i scrapped it.

which brings us to our current situation.
no sound machine. *sob* but we're heading into the hot/dry season so fans will soon become a necessity for us. we have one small desk fan that i used in the boys' room last night and it was a success. they slept well and even slept 'til a decent hour!
i knew this day would come someday and i think it's good for the boys to get used to no white noise in the background. i know they can both sleep without it as they've done so before {and noah is an especially heavy sleeper so i have no worries with him} so here's hoping the rest of this transition is just as smooth as last night was.


  1. Oh yay!! lovely to just have quiet I think and hope the boys adjust well!

  2. Its funny that - I simply can NOT sleep when the fan is on. It wakes me up every hour or so. I wonder if some kids are just better atuned to white noise and others to quiet? I'm so excited for a sound machine one day. lol. We just bought a Mello Monkey for Wes & Rach, but they have a Gentle Giraffe (woah, forgot how to spell giraffe there for a sec) that also has "african drums" in the background. Its ridiculously amazing.


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