Tuesday, November 8, 2011


yesterday we {i} caught a beetle in a nutella jar.
the boys had come running to me and slightly hyperventilating they told me that there was "a bug!" outside on the porch.
sure enough there was a large beetle, lying on its back and frantically buzzing and trying to flip himself over.
i shut the doors so the boys could be "safe" and watch the bug when i had an idea to put it in a jar.
i was brave and succeeded in putting the soon-to-be-named Larry the Beetle Bug into a jar.
the boys loved watching the beetle scurry about and try to escape the confines of the small glass house.

i made cinnamon dough ornaments the other day. you can make them too. they smell like christmas. i hope that they don't attract small {or large} creatures.

also? it's weird to me that we are wearing shorts and t-shirts and flip flops and playing outside in the sun {and refreshingly cool rain} and it is november 8th. weird, but good. very good. {not going to lie - i love being able to tell my kids to put on some crocs and then we're outside! none of this jeans-sweaters-socks-coats-hats-scarves-mitts-boots business.}

i've been spending more time with Jesus than i can remember in the last 4 years. being here is so good for me. for my soul. today i was reading from judges and thought that if someone were to make a high quality movie of some of the old testament stories they would likely be rated R for extreme violence. another thought i had? God is so patient and merciful. and He uses normal, weak, faulty, sinful people. and He does amazing things through them. so cool.

we balance the mundane with crazy adventures on a weekly basis here.
we eat yummy food.
we laugh a lot.
i love it.
God gave us an opportunity to respond today with grace and generosity, with love and compassion and we seized it. and we were filled with joy. it is truly a joy to be used by Him.
so this is what i've been up to lately.


  1. lol, I LOVE putting on many layers to go outside...though, I think I'd feel differently if I had to dress 2 little people as well! I like your pic of your BULLIONS of journals. Do you need another to be sent? I reckon yours will be full by Christmas. Good luck with the cinnamon attracted bugs! :) Love ya V.

  2. Yeah. I used to like winter. Then I had kids. SO MUCH WORK. :p
    Haha...yeah. One is my journal for thoughts, day-to-day stuff, prayers and what i'm learning. One is just a book for lists. I love making lists. And one is my gratitude journal. :) I would never say NO to another journal. :D

  3. good good great! Love what's happening!

  4. When I was looking for your yarn bin, I found Noah's puffy winter coat with red mitts thru the sleeves. It almost made me cry! So yes, enjoy the strangeness of warm weather during our winter months...it's all yours! And keep listening to God's voice - so much joy to be had for the taking!


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