Tuesday, November 15, 2011


life here is full and yet quite simple and slow-paced.
i reflected the other day that my life may appear to be boring and mundane.
but we are happy and well-fed, not worrying about where our next meal is coming from or what would happen if we got sick and had to go to the hospital. 

a care package from "gramma"!

we are blessed but the tricky part is to not become comfortable. 
i told jamie i don't want to become comfortable in my life here.

the view i will never tire of.

i want to be challenged.
i want to sacrifice and give and find joy in the everyday. 
i think when you stop giving and being challenged then life stops being an adventure.

i made bagels. they were quite the process {make the dough, let the dough rise, make the bagel shape, let the bagels rise again, cook in boiling water, then bake} but they were worth it.
i'm so grateful to be living this slow life. 
nowhere to dash off to, and no jam-packed schedule to keep up with the joneses.
i'm finding it's more about being than doing here.
and i like it.

cherishing each moment as it comes.
finding the joy and laughter in weddings next door that blast their awesome 90's hits and songs put to reggae beats.
singing at the top of my lungs that this is the good life on our way to church and being unable not to smile at an incredible men's a cappella singing group.

having impromptu photo shoots with my two littles and marveling at their gorgeous eyes. how can they both have "green" eyes and yet look so different? amazing.

being at peace with mess and chaos and continuing to learn patience and grace.

taking a "sick day" and watching movies and eating popcorn and recognizing the blessing of electricity and power.

learning to take nothing for granted and to always give thanks.


  1. Ok I'm reading this in class, you're not allowed to make me cry in public!!! :P such an awesome post, I think we all need to up and leave our comforts in order to cling to what really matters.

  2. Yes, it's all about perspective - I had to learn some of the same things early in my marriage and family raising! Comparison really wreaks havoc with hearts! But I truly do see abundance in all that is important through your camera lens and words! xoxo

  3. i'm a huge fan of the slow life. =) loved this post! and your pics. thanks!!

  4. what an awesome post - found your blog through Molly Piper's - and love reading your thoughts.

  5. Vanessa - reading this post made me miss you. I feel as though I can learn from you even from afar (and learn I will with a second on the way). Thanks for sharing your life with me :)

  6. Thanks guys! I'm so honoured by all of you that stop by and read my blog and then leave me a comment. Comments are precious to me even if I'm not able to respond directly back to each one of you. (Plus I'm not sure who reads my comments anyway...)


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