Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the flip side

so life is not perfect here.
it's not all giving thanks and seeing the shiny side of things.
and i am far {f a r} from perfect. i never want to give the impression that i am floating around with my magic wand pointing out all the lovely things in my life with one of those gag-worthy smiles pasted on my face.
jesus gives me joy and i am s l o w l y learning to give thanks in all things, but i am often a slow learner.
like today.
both noah and jude are sick.
jamie woke up sick as well.
i was grumpy at times.
i gritted my teeth when jude broke a glass left on the table and angrily told him to stop touching mommy & daddy's things. {and then promptly melted when he came over to me and sweetly looked up at me and said, will you forgive me, mommy?}
i threatened, raised my voice and was impatient.
i let the boys watch movies pretty much the entire afternoon because they were both sick and we had power {for the first time in awhile}.

and then as i huffily sat in the bathroom overseeing "water play" before bed, i couldn't help but let a smile wash across my face as the boys looked at their coloured water {my mom sent these little tablets that colour bath water} and commented on what colour their penises were.
i watched with quiet contentment as jude copied exactly what noah was doing with his boat {sink, sink, sink. dump, dump, dump. float, float, float.}.

and then it was time for bed and jude screeched and screamed with tears and snot mingling together on his face because he didn't want to get out of his bath.
and then noah and jude couldn't agree on the same bedtime story and noah teetered on the edge of an epic meltdown before giving in to {tyrant toddler} jude's demands for the cars story instead of aristocats.

they are in bed now.
so is jamie.
i am headed there soon.
i pray that tomorrow will be less tiring. that jamie will feel better. and the boys too.


  1. And these are the days of our lives... ;)

    I know this kind of day myself. I DO hope everyone is feeling better and that the day today was/is better.

    (not sure what time it is there! ha!)

    I'm always asking God for more patience with my children. I think he will surely grant it as they get older. At least I hope so... ;-)


  2. Hey sis, glad we could chat to end your day. You're doing a good job by not doing it perfectly :) Sheesh, who wants a perfect role model anyways? ;) love ya

  3. I agree with your sister! TOo often we paint ourselves as having it all together...and I know how encouraged I feel when I see that othes are falling apart (at times) too.
    Thanks for your honesty Vanessa.
    Hope you're all feeling better today!

  4. @Shereen & Mel, yes. I am more encouraged by women and men who are real and authentic about their struggles and mistakes AS WELL AS their victories and "good days". So I wanted to make sure I was being honest and authentic as well.
    So thankful I don't have to be perfect because He already was FOR me. :)

  5. oh heavens. What a nightmare of a day. ON the surface. But I applaud your ability to see the humour in the kids, even for a tiny mo'. Good on ya V. Hope everyone is feeling better now? Love ya woman. The grumpy and cheery sides of you. :)


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