Friday, May 11, 2012

friday links! woo!

hey friends.
right now pink's raise your glass is blaring and i feel like getting my pregnant self up off the floor and bustin' a move. but i won't. because if i get up, this post won't get written.
we're still busy with the canadian team, but loving it.
i stayed up way too late last night laughing with some of the staff when i probably should have gone to bed at 9:30pm. worth it, though.
i felt like 5 million cups of coffee this morning. but i only had one. {so far.}

the boys and their friend seth playing together at yesterday's play date

our mongoose family is back. i woke up at 3:30am thinking that someone was outside our window and ended up walking around half-asleep and half-paranoid and then lying in bed for an hour, despite feeling absolutely exhausted. then i had a crazy dream about rafting and jumping off cliffs into lovely blue lagoons.

i wrote up a blog post about breastfeeding and specifically public breastfeeding, but i think i may work on it a bit more before publishing. or not. who knows.

anyway, some weekend links for ya!

hilarious post on 10 tips for visitors after the baby is born. caution, strong language is used.

here's how to appreciate a mom of young kids this mother's day. caution, hilarious pictures are used.

please watch this video. prepare to have your paradigm of love and marriage blown out of the water. also? grab a box of kleenex. {at the bottom of the video, there are also two other links to more of their story.}

i really like this list of 100 ways to make your marriage rock. some are super cheese, but sometimes you just gotta be super cheesy together.

this. just this. salt + chocolate = amazingness.

it's naptime. for me too.
happy weekend!!!

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  1. The Crappy Pictures blog is hilarious! Darren & I always laugh a lot when reading her posts.


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