Wednesday, May 2, 2012


oh my two boys. i've really been praying lately for increased love and patience for my kids. that God would give me His eyes to see the children that He has blessed me with. that He would give me wisdom to know how to best love them and instruct them and build into them and He is so faithful. the previous pregnancy grumpies have mostly dissipated and i have such a joy when i stop and take the time to really look at my two precious boys.

it's also been so much fun to watch them interacting with the other staff here and soon the students as well that have come from canada.
i see how different my two boys are and absolutely love the differences. how boring it would be {and much less sanctifying} if jude and noah were exactly the same. of course parenting might be easier to figure out, but i'm not so sure the words "parenting" and "easy" should ever really be in the same sentence. {can i get an amen?}
this morning jude yelled at a crumb to get back into his banana bread. he always makes us laugh, even when we should probably be disciplining him.
every night noah loves to tell me that he hopes i have sweet dreams and is always first to request a hug.
i love my boys.
and i'm so looking forward to adding a third completely unique and different boy to our family.

linking to steph who posts pictures of her 4 kids on the fourth of each month


  1. I love hearing about Jude's comedic rants. Noah is such a soft lad. (aw shame)It's so encouraging to hear that God answers prayer for even the little things, I often forget that He loves us so so intently and personally.

  2. Awww, I love their differences too! and yes - Amen! to parenting/easy! some of the challenges are purely having young children close in age :) so necessary in that sanctifying process altho' I didn't get it at the time! You are loved!

  3. oh man I laugh out loud every time you post a "Jude-ism", seriously. That kid cracks me up. And Noah, aw man he's a putty-maker for a mama's heart that's for sure! :) I love and miss them both and am so glad you're such an amazing baby maker that I can't wait for the next one! :) PS I'm SO glad you're different from me :)


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