Thursday, May 24, 2012

potty training second time around

so we're sorta potty training jude. okay i guess we are now.
for the last few months we've been pretty laid-back about it all. i'm still feeling laid-back about it.
but it's a significantly different approach than when i potty trained noah.
noah was 3 years and 3 months old when i had had enough of diapers and felt like i had a handle on taking care of a baby and a preschooler at the same time. he was very ready and able to grasp the concept of feeling the urge to pee/poop and then taking the appropriate action. he day-trained in 3 days. he'd hold his pee until he got to the toilet, pull down and up his pants on his own and then report back to me that he had peed. it was amazing and honestly, quite unexpected.
this time around, i'd love to have jude potty trained by the time the wee one is born.
but i've had a very laid-back approach. we had a potty out. sometimes he'd use it. sometimes we'd put underpants on him. sometimes a diaper. mostly a diaper.
but today i just decided to go for it.
i mean, it's not like we go anywhere. {seriously. we are mostly home-bound here. no library. no school. no parks. rare play dates. yeah. i'm living a hermit's life. but that's how it is. and i'm okay with it. for now.}
so underpants it was today.
he's mostly grasped the concept except it usually takes him wetting his underpants a bit first and then managing to hold the rest in until he gets to the toilet. so we go through several pairs of underpants each day. which is okay. he cried at first when it happened, but i assured him it was okay and that he just has to do the rest of his pee in the potty.
he generally goes if i encourage him to go.
and slowly-slowly he's getting it.
it's cute to see his little bum in underpants.
but he still calls "pee", "poo". which is hilarious to me for some reason.
so it's the laissez-faire approach to potty training. which is just fine by me. no need to stress about it. {especially because i have high-blood pressure right now.}
i admire and give props all those who potty trained their 17 month olds {or younger or their kids potty trained themselves at a young age}. but that just isn't for me. call it lazy parenting. i prefer not to stress about things that aren't necessary. eventually they figure it out.


  1. Aww Jude crying about the wet underpants, so sad. Why is it we as kids cried because of wet pants? Fear of failure? Disappointing our parents expectations? Embarrassment? Crazy how these things don't even need to be taught. But I just want to tell you I'm so glad you're as laid back as you are about the things that don't need to be stressed out over. You are a great encourage-er and grace-giver to your kids and I'm sure one day they will thank you for it :)

  2. What Shereen said! ditto! You are very brave to do this when you have tons of people around but maybe that will also be a motivator for him! ( we had the same potty, only in red! cute!)

  3. I don't know how other's have done it earlier either... I think you are bang on... they get it, when they are ready... it's just up to us to watch them and pick up on the cues so that when they are ready they will be successful!


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