Thursday, May 31, 2012

what i'm into:: may 2012

today i'm joining megan @ SortaCrunchy in sharing What I've Been Into this past month.

what i'm into:: MAY 2012

on my nightstand:

there are always far more books on my nightstand than i can ever get to. but for now i've got having a mary spirit by joanna weaver {a book study i've been going through with the other canadian staff women on our project}, you can raise a well-mannered child by june hines moore {an old-school freebie i got in spain} and seeing and savoring jesus christ by john piper {still working my way through that one, slowly, since lent}. 
i've also got my kindle on my nightstand and have been working my way through a storm of swords {the third book in the fantasy series, a song of ice and fire written by george r. r. martin}. 

want to read:

i want to finish the book i started shortly after i got here, holy available by gary thomas. i'll have to restart the whole thing, but the first three chapters blew my mind. 
also on my list is les miserables {on my kindle} since i just saw that there's a remake of the movie coming out in december {in canada. who knows when it will come to uganda, if at all.}. 

t.v. show worth watching:

so i totally downloaded episodes 17-24 of grey's anatomy and watched them. i am always amazed at how they manage to have me bawling my eyes out. every.single.time. 

movies i've seen:

so our staff team went out to my most favourite place in kampala and we watched back to the future. outside. at night. it was awesome and i was reminded of how great a movie that is. so awesome 80's. 
i also watched rocky balboa for the first time when i was feeling sick last week. decent. a bit slow. but nothing to write home about. 

in my kitchen:

it's been an interesting month as we've had the staff and students here from canada so we've had quite a few meals out or catered. i'm almost out of the habit of meal planning! 
but we've done some epic pizza nights for 13 adults, spaghetti nights {i made this veggie version} and tonight i'm cooking up some shepherd's pie for me and the boys. 
and i purposely bought a ton of bananas today so i can make the banana muffins i've been craving. but i might add some wheat germ since my awesome friend hannah brought me some. i love me some wheat germ.

in my ears:

lately the boys have been singing behind the clouds from the cars short film; mater and the ghost light. it is absolutely adorable to hear jude singing it. i'll have to get it on video soon before he stops. 

and i haven't found any new songs lately, but i've been listening to a bit more classical music, the civil wars, coldplay and page cxvi

pinterest finds:

so freaking funny. good thing i've got this chart to tell me that i married a trustworthy man. 

Source: via Tsh on Pinterest

and i can get all the ingredients for these delectable cookies & cream cupcakes! huzzah!

and i really want/am planning on making this for christmas. just picture it with a sweet little baby finger print! squeee! 

Source: via Tsh on Pinterest

what i'm looking forward to in june:

going on safari!
my delightful and gorgeous friend beth coming for a visit!
celebrating {somehow} 8 incredible years of marriage to my handsome best friend!

well, friends, that's what i've been into this past month. what about you?


  1. i CANNOT WAIT to talk arts and baking and reading and movies with you IN PERSON.


    1. I know! It's surreal that you're going to be here, THIS MONTH!

  2. Okay, I almost just fainted at the sight of those cupcakes!!!

    And June sounds like it's going to be amazing! :D

  3. If you still have leftover bananas & feel like trying something new, this is my go-to banana muffin recipe:

    Actually, may have gotten it from you...can never remember where these recipes come from or if I just randomly find them by searching Google.

    Love the addition of oats:

    1. I don't think you got it from me, but I am pretty sure you've sent me that one before. I think I tried it. Or at least looked at it. It looks AMAZING. Mmmm...dark chocolate.

  4. Oh yes, I hope you make a few copies of that tag with a baby's fingerprint! :) Reading? such a precious thing! and cupcakes?? now that the weather is cooler, I can bake again :D woo hoo!!

    1. I was thinking of making a few copies. You know...maybe for family members who want one? :)

  5. erik satie is really peacefully awesome!


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