Thursday, May 17, 2012

nonstop flight to crazytown

jamie's in rwanda right now until sunday.
we're coping. there's plenty of hands and people to entertain the boys which makes things heaps easier.
but of course we still miss him. 
this morning we got to skype with him. but skyping with our family wouldn't be right without a gong-show.
in the middle of our conversation, jude yells out,
i peed, mommy! i'm peeing!
he's standing as pee is dribbling down his legs in a cowboy stance.
so i turn to jamie and say, i'll be right back. noah, tell daddy about what we've been doing these past days. thankfully noah obliges.
just then, jude whirls around, steps in his pee, slips and promptly goes flying into the corner of the door.
my first thought, dear God, why do things like this always happen? followed very closely by, dear God, please let him be okay and not need stitches. i turned him around to face me as he wailed and saw that thankfully, the skin wasn't broken, but just read and probably would bruise. whew.
so i got him cleaned up and brought him back {still crying} to the computer and we finished talking to jamie {who was probably reminded of the chaos he left}. 

and just minutes before writing this post, i had a glass on the table beside me that has a slice of lemon and some melted ice cubes left in it and jude was trying to touch my computer and decided to fling his arm about and of course, my glass went flying and broke into pieces on my foot. again, thankfully no blood. 
life is always an adventure with kids. well, at least it is with my kids. 


  1. OH my that second Sam would say, "what a putty maker!" soooo cheeky that one hehe! I feel like that's such a Noah face to make too. Man they're changing every day!

  2. Oh goodness, I've had times like this! One thing after another... Glad he's okay and you too...

  3. This also happens at our house too... what puppy dog eyes that Jude has. :) And I'm sure Jamie was missing all the chaos, there's nothing quite like being home and in the thick of it... the good and the tough times. ;)

  4. Yes, I agree! hard to live with chaos, but wouldn't life be dull without it! Jude is hilarious...and I'm glad Noah held the fort! I miss you guys and wish I was in the midst of it too :) but I have my own gong show with Parker to divert me! xoxo


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