Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Christmas is coming...

I don't have a whole lot to blog about...except that I'm very excited to be approaching the Christmas season. I love the whole season. The decreasing temperatures, the snow, the Christmas songs in the malls, and I'll admit it, I love the whole commercial aspect to it as well. I love the baking, the relatives, the memories and buying presents for people.
This year will be sad as Jamie and I don't have our own place to decorate and celebrate in, but it's all for the best I guess.
And this year I'm hoping that all my cousins and I can get together and do Christmas together - a Cousins Christmas! I am pumped so I hope it works out. Games, food, drinks, movies...good times all 'round!
Much to look forward to and much to do in the meantime! :D

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