Sunday, November 27, 2005

Unfailing Love - Reflections on a Chris Tomlin song

You have my heart
And I am Yours forever
You are my strength
God of grace and power

God you do have my heart, but it is so weak and frail and prone to wander. Thank you that you hold me in your love when I am falling down.
I thank you that I don't have to live on my strength. It's in your strength, God of grace and power that I can do all things!!!

And everything
You hold in Your hand
Still You make time for me
I can't understand

You! The God of the heavens and the earth, the God of millions of stars, galaxies, planets, glorious's YOU who holds me in YOUR hand! You make time for me! You care about what I'm feeling, you forgive me when I sin against your Holy name when I deserve to be blotted out.

Praise You God of Earth and sky
How beautiful is Your unfailing love
Unfailing love

Yes God, your love is beautiful. I thank you for it. You love me unfailingly...what a concept.

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