Friday, November 4, 2005

sharing my heart

This evening Jamie and I head up to Bancroft to Joy Bible Camp for a retreat with Rexdale's NEXT> group. As I have gone about this day, I'm filled with a sense of anticipation, excitement and nervousness. I know that I don't really know any of the 20-something age group that well any more and so this is a time when I will have to put forth the energy it takes for me to go out, involve myself and meet new people. I do love meeting new people, but it is not completely natural for me to do so. I want to make some good connections and I am praying that God will bring some godly, amazing women into my life that I can minister to and be ministered to as well.
We are also doing an informal interview with Adrian (the wknd's speaker) on our ministry with CCC and how God has called us into full time missions. Here in Canada and possibly overseas in the future. I know this will also be a key time to meet some new contacts and help us seriously boost up our support so that we can finally get on campus.
I am feeling unworthy, untalented and unequipped - I know that God has and will continue to equip me to what He has called me to but I know that I will have to rely on His strength to remain joyful in a place of my own weakness and be a reflection of Christ.
I just have a feeling of ... anticipation about this weekend. For what God is going to do in the hearts of those who attend this weekend as well as in my own heart and Jamie's.
I would love to meet other Christian couples, but I think that it's a well-known fact that the 20 Something group is for Rexdale's hottest young singles. ;) It should be a fun weekend overall and I am looking forward to it - despite my weaknesses.

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