Friday, November 18, 2005

One step closer...

As I was listening to U2's "How to dismantle an atomic bomb", the song, "One step closer" came on and as I listened I really identified with some of the lyrics in this valley of support raising.

I'm on an island at a busy intersection
I can't go forward, I can't turn back
Can't see the future
It's getting away from me
I just watch the tail lights glowing

One step closer to knowing

I guess with how the past month has gone, and the lack of momentum, it's just going to be so hard to get the ball rolling. It's like I've got this huge metal, iron ball in front of me, and if I can just get it rolling, things will pick up and it will be a whole lot easier to keep going. But it's just the whole problem of getting the ball rolling. I push and push and it's just so darned heavy!

1 comment:

  1. that ball is nothin to God....

    I'll be prayin!



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