Thursday, November 24, 2005

Winter Wonderland

I love snow. I love winter. How can you look outside, see a soft blanket of white covering everything and shake your fist at it? Ok, so I know that tons of winter-haters do this every day of winter, but I LOVE it! Done and done.
I prayed every day for 2 weeks when I was like 10 years old or something because I wanted snow and a week later (it was in January) we had snow like never before. Of course I felt this was something amazing (which it was) and so I shared this story at church as an answer to prayer. There weren't too many people loving me that night. But I did get a lot of offers to shovel their driveways...:D

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  1. you know what i like to say to those so called "winter- haters?" why bother living in Canada???? we so obviously have more winter than summer, so why not stop complaining and and just try to accept the peaceful beauty and early morning snowfall brings.


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