Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jude's food

I've been trying to keep introducing new foods to Jude so he doesn't become as picky as Noah was/is. But that requires planning. Which I'm sorta bad at.
But we have had a few successes and a couple of failures.
Yesterday was Jude's first taste of ground beef and he loved it! I was actually quite surprised, but he really loved it.
He gobbled up some bbq'd chicken we had on Friday. Previously he wasn't so much into the chicken, but he really liked it on Friday so that was good.
He has tried cauliflower a few times, but so far he's not a fan.
I'm not really pureeing food for him any more so that's a lot easier.
Usually I just stick a sweet potato in the toaster oven for an hour or so (depending on how big it is) and then scoop out the flesh and cut it into squares for a few meals. He loves sweet potato so that works really well.
He also eats soup which is nice.
He could eat Cheerios all day every day, but I'm trying not to default to that. I'm struggling with breakfast foods, but most mornings he usually eats oatmeal and something else - whether it's yogurt or fruit or toast.
Oh yes. He usually likes yogurt.
All in all, he's a growing boy and still chunking up so I guess everything is where it should be!

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