Sunday, April 11, 2010


Lately I've been somewhat reminiscent of the past 8 months (and further?) with my boys. Looking at old pictures and videos of Jude & Noah make me gasp with how much they've grown.
Watching a video of Noah holding Jude in the first few days and lovingly patting him and then saying, "baby" melts my heart into a huge puddle on the floor. It just astounds me at how much Noah has grown and developed.
I mean, he's speaking in SENTENCES. He's asking me questions. He's observing, thinking and then commenting on his experiences. It's incredible! I love it. And honestly, it's hard for me to remember when he wasn't speaking like this.
I'm so thankful for pictures and videos that help me remember each stage and recognize the vast growth that has taken place in all our lives.

On another note...perhaps the intense language development in Noah is the reason for sleep disturbances in the past 6 months! (This is what you call an "Aha!" moment.)

Noah at 8 months

Jude at 8 months


  1. Oh man I love how they're both SO different but both SO cute at 8 months! Unbelievable how fast time has gone!

  2. My goodness! I don't remember Noah that little anymore! Time has flown!

  3. So true! I just checked out my clip of Noah eating cheerios at your old cute. He's about Jude's age!


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