Saturday, April 17, 2010

Well, the boys are still in separate rooms. Which is fine. It's a lot less complicated, but I wonder when they'll ever share a room and be comfortable with it. My goal is by the end of July because that's when we'll all be in a hotel room together for a week.
But Jude's sleep right now is so crap. Blech.
Last night he was up at 9:30, then 10, then 1:30 (but I think I thought it was later?) and then 5:30. Then he was up at 7 perhaps but I left him for a couple minutes and then he fell back to sleep until 8. I really would like at least 7 consecutive hours of sleep.
Plus we're still doing the "dream feed" but I'm thinking of stopping because I think he's waking out of habit and not out of hunger. We'll see if that helps his sleep. And I'll up his food intake during the day.
Ack, the things we (being Mothers) do for more sleep!

And then there's the issue of moving Noah to a big boy bed! Oh man. It's too much! It's too much!


  1. do whatever works for now. you'll deal with the one week in the hotel room together when it comes. and then, you may have a bad week, but it may go a long way to helping them adjust once you get back home.

    eli has been up several times at night this week in particular, too. is there some sort of growth spurt we should be aware of right now?

  2. Mel - there is a 37 week developmental spurt that often can cause a sleep regression (this is usually between 8 & 9 months). Likely what our guys are going through!!!

  3. Oh Vaness I feel for you.

    It also makes me worried a bit, because in Montreal, houses just don't have multiple bedrooms (at least downtown, for under a million dollars lol!) so our kids will definitely be in the same bedroom until there are three kids and we think about buying a bigger house down the road. After your post...horrifying!

    Although I wonder if they'd just adapt if it was all they ever knew? Here's to hoping!

    Hope July is better for you :)

  4. Em - well, so far you've only got one on the way, so you don't need to worry about this just yet. :)
    I'm a firm believer of sleep temperaments - in that kids are born good sleepers/bad sleepers/heavy sleepers/light sleepers. We can definitely help bad sleepers be not so bad, but I think there's only so much you can do.
    As for getting used to sleeping in the same room - of course they will! Some will love it, some will hate it. But get used to it, they will. And there will likely be a week (more? less?) of adjusting if that's your only option...but you'll make it work for your family. :D As I said, worry about that when baby #2 is on the way. :D


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