Thursday, April 1, 2010

Think Time...

The other night (aside from Jude rejecting his crib/room for the third night in a row) Noah woke up at around 11pm and cried for awhile. So I went in and sat with him - I said I would stay until he fell asleep but 40 minutes later with my left leg completely asleep and Noah standing up in his crib peering down at me in the dark I realized it wasn't happening. So I left. And he was quiet for a little while but then cried again about 20 minutes later.
We eventually hung out in our bed until 2:30ish and then all fell asleep in our respective beds.

But all that to say, I had 40 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted think time while sitting with Noah.
I don't often get think time. So much so that after I came back to bed with Jamie and words started pouring out of my mouth of all that I had been thinking about, Jamie remarked this very thing to me.
It's true.
But one of the things I thought about was creativity.

I know it's a bit late for New Years' Resolutions, but if I had to make a goal, I'd say that I want 2010 to be all about creativity for me.
Here's how that breaks down for me:

1. In the kitchen.
I want to be more creative with my cooking.
I want to try using ingredients that I've never used before (like bulgar wheat).
I want to discover new food loves (maybe even ones that don't include sugar...?).
I would like to try fancier desserts and work on my cupcake skills...

2. In my leisure time.
By the end of 2010 I want to be proficient and confident at using MY sewing machine. I want to know how to fix minor issues and be able to use at least a handful of the settings on it.
I'd love to be able to sew basic things like pillows, simple clothing patterns, and even make some kids toys/baby accessories.
I'd also like to get out with my camera and even though my favourite subjects are my boys, it'd be nice every now and then to capture the world around me.

3. In my health.
This does tie into cooking, but also by trying new exercise classes, videos and other ideas for staying (read: getting) in shape and keeping healthy.
I would LOVE to get back into softball/baseball some day and maybe this year could be a year of betting the old glove and ball out and playing some catch with Jamie (and entertain the boys all at the same time).

I want to have more of a creative outlet in my life. I was made with this creative 'itch' and I think it's about time that I scratch it.


  1. You are a baseball player too??? Were you baseball or softball?? I play both, but mostly softball towards then end. You, Jenn P and I should join a baseball team!! :)


  2. WOO let the creative monster out!!! All the above sounds great, I was just commenting to Dawn last night that you take a mean photo as well :)

  3. @Bekki - yeah, I was in a league in grade 8 and that began my love of the game. I was on the girls slo pitch (lame, but that was all they had) team all through highschool and loved it! We should definitely get onto some kind of team together!

  4. It's never too late to make resolutions! And with Spring arriving it is the time for things to come alive and new things to start!
    Go for it!!

  5. You should get Martha's cupcake book. You can certainly get creative with that!

    How's the shred going, btw?

  6. This is awesome! I've always considered Easter/Spring time as the best time for new beginnings. I found Martha Stewart's complete sewing tome ON SALE the other day and nearly swooned!

    I never seem to run out of projects. It's the time I need more of... haha!


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