Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Nest

I am totally obsessed with the robin nest that is so perfectly situated in the empty planter that is attached to the wall right outside our door.
I noticed the makings of a nest starting to form a day or so ago and then all of a sudden - a nest! And then...2 beautiful, blue robin eggs. They are everything you'd imagine them to be. A gorgeous colour of blue. (Hence the colour Robins Egg Blue.) Perfect and smooth.
And then - 3 beautiful eggs!
(And a couple scares where I got home late at night and upon entering the door, the robin flew out of the nest - not at me, but just to get away. Scared the buhjeezies out of me.)
Anyway so Jamie tells me there are 2 robins in there right now. I want to go check. In fact, I want to install a 24 hour birdie cam to watch them. Is that weird? I don't really care. I'm so intrigued! And I can't wait for those eggs to hatch!
I've already taken a bajillion pictures of the eggs, perhaps I'll get a picture of the babies when they're hatched. I just hope I don't get dive bombed by any angry Mama Birdies.
You can count on more pictures and updates on the nest. Perhaps I should capitalize it. The Nest.
Enjoy these pictures of The Nest.

*in this one you can see just how small The Nest is to be tucked away in such a small planter. So tiny. So perfect. I just want to nom on it.


  1. SO awesome...are you starting an actually photography thing with your strickly speaking photography logo thingy? :) I like...we need to talk SLR's soon ;) I want one

  2. i LOVE that colour.
    i just want to paint EVERYTHING that colour now.
    i love it.
    L O V E IT.

  3. You've captured that so beautifully that could CRY.


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