Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hey sleep...where'd ya go?

I'm finally doing it. I am done nursing in the night. Done.
2 nights ago it was 1am, 3:30am and 5:45am - and then 8am. Do I have a newborn or a 9 month old?
Last night there was a wake up at 1:30, but it was short-lived and he fell back to sleep. Then a feeding at around 3am and then I can't even remember if there was a 5 or 6am one but then he was up around 7:45 for the day.
So yesterday I took Jude for his 9 month check up with the doctor and he is 21lbs! She said he doesn't need to be fed in the middle of the night which I agreed with and already knew. We talked about how with the second or subsequent child we do whatever it takes to either a) get back to sleep as fast as possible or b) not wake up the other child(ren). Hence the subsequent child(ren) don't usually sleep "through the night" as early as the first child with which we were single-minded in our quest to make sure we are teaching our child good sleep habits and sleeping through the night is the ultimate goal (as opposed to maintaining the peace at all costs).
So she said I can either just keep doing what I'm doing until I'm ready to let him cry a little.
And I'm ready.
I actually had a bit of an epiphany, though. I don't have to FULLY let him cry it out. What if I just go in and hold him for a couple minutes and then put him back down? What if?
So this was tested already (yeah, it's midnight and I'm still up. What's it to ya? I blog best late at night!) as Jude woke around ... 11 (?) tonight and so I let him cry. He stopped after a few minutes on and off (his typical style). I got ready for bed and heard him making noises as I got into bed at around 11:30. He cried. He stopped. He laughed (?). He cried. He stopped. Long pause. He cried again. Working himself up.
So I go in. He's on his belly. I pick him up, and rock him. He resists at first and tries to suck on my arm.
Haha...this is funny to me.
I do some soft "shushing" noises and keep rocking him slowly. He relaxes but stares up at me. The kid just doesn't fall asleep in my arms. Meh.
So he's calm but awake.
I put him down and give him his "bunny". He whimpers for a second and then the fingers go in the mouth and - dang. He's crying again. He would.
He WAS quiet and calm. But no longer.
So we'll see how tonight goes.
I think I'm going to need a large cup of coffee tomorrow morning.
Good thing I bought French Vanilla flavour.


  1. sounds like it's Jamie's turn to be on night duty! Uche took over a few weeks ago. most nights he doesn't get up but when he does, i wake him up (because he usually doesn't even hear Eli) and he goes in to soothe him briefly. he tends to go back down without a problem. but when I tried doing it - forget it! he wanted the boob and nothing else.

  2. If only, Mel. :) Jamie is in South Africa until next Monday!
    So it's all me, baby. :)
    And Jamie's the same - he doesn't usually hear Jude - I always think he's awake, but then the next day I ask him about it and he doesn't remember. Too funny.

  3. ack! yuck! sorry! :( i'll be experiencing the same come Saturday - Uche will be in Spain for nine days and i'll be on my own with the kiddos. not a fan of single parenting. i'll be praying for you!!


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