Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're in big trouble

I just have this feeling that we are in for it (whatever "it" is - probably trouble, mischief, having our hands full...all of the above I think...) as Jude continues to become mobile and learn to walk and climb and run.
Tonight as I was changing Jude's diaper as soon as I took his diaper off he whipped over onto his belly and he was OFF. Laughing and giggling and crawling away from me! I was so shocked and of course played right into it saying "Hey! Get back here, you!" and laughing and "chasing" him.
He LOVED it.

I loved it.

And of course he continued to crawl away from me after I had finished changing and dressing him.
I guess it's time to get the gate up!


  1. K isn't even REALLY crawling yet (she can still get around by scooting backward and pivoting) and I KNOW I'm about to be in trouble.

    Gotta love the mobile stage!

  2. Good thing it's almost summer... less clothes to put on and off!


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