Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Non stop talking

Overheard from Noah:

"O is for Africa. P is for Oh-port (airport)."

"I'm a GREAT driver!" (said while playing with Lightning McQueen)

How do you do?
I'm fine!
Wanna crash?" (conversation between two of his cars)

"Happy Mother's Day, Mama!" (said to me today)

We had friends drop by briefly yesterday and near the end of their visit H said to me, "He talks so much now!"
It's almost non-stop sometimes.
But the gems that come out of his mouth crack me up and melt my heart.

**just now Noah asked me, "Where's your balls, babe?" Um...

(He was referring to the golf balls in the back yard.)


  1. I had every intention of starting a "funny things I said" book for my son, but it's still blank because I can't keep up. Kids are hilarious!

    I love the conversation between the cars the most!

  2. Oh too funny....I wonder where that came from??


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