Thursday, May 13, 2010

the process

The weaning process has begun.

In earnest. (I just wanted to write "in earnest".)

Today I decided to give Jude formula this afternoon instead of the boob.

I had to go and buy formula first. And a sippy cup (the one that worked well with Noah was this one. We have another one that is good as well, but I find at this point the liquid just comes out too fast for Jude. We'll keep it around and use it in a couple weeks when he's got the hang of things.)

I wasn't too sure if he'd take it or not. He refused a couple times with a snarly look on his face and then

he took it!

And he gulped

and gulped

and gulped some more. And then he let out a huge belch. He didn't quite finish the entire thing (about 120 mls) but he drank most of it I'd say. I am pleased.

This picture just makes me laugh because of Jude's legs.

So I am feeling quite free with my afternoons now that I don't have to get back anywhere to nurse my baby. (And this means I'll probably be welcoming my least favourite relative - Aunt Flo - back into my life sometime soonish. Sigh. Oh well. Did I just write about Aunt Flo on my blog? Honestly. I need to stop blogging after 10pm.)

And that's that.


  1. hahaha he's hilarious with those sprawling legs!

  2. first, that is an awesome picture! love the legs!
    second, aunt flow came back to me even though i was nursing.
    third, eli is now almost fully weaned. i wanted to start the process slowly and he took to it WAY faster and more happily than I imagined. he just wants his food - he doesn't really care how he gets it! so i'm feeling the freedom too!

  3. Mel - that sucks yours came back right away. :( Boo. It was about this time I got it with Noah so I was expecting about the same - although Jude is still nursing more than Noah did at this point.
    And I can't believe Eli is almost fully weaned! Wow! Freedom! It really is such a short time when you look back! How is the transition from pureed foods going for him?

  4. it's going well, actually. he's now eating cheese, chicken and cottage cheese, on top of cheerios, bananas and sweet potatoes. he is SO much more willing to try new things than Zoe ever was! (or IS!) thanks to you, i've been way more courageous in just letting him try stuff.


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