Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Purging Post One

Today was the day that I started what will forever be known as:

The Great Purge of 2010

That's right, folks. I'm purging. And it feels oh-so-good!

How is it that in a mere two and a half years we have accumulated so much STUFF related to kids and babies? It's overwhelming and almost sickening. Please don't get me wrong, I am thankful for all that God's provided through family and friends. But it's to the point where the level of toys in our house is excessive. It's taking over every room (yes, even the bathrooms!) like some sort of mutating toy monster. And the clothes (curse you tiny baby socks!)! Every single male in this household has come into the habit of taking off their socks and leaving them lying about. Not to mention the bibs, pajamas and dirty pants that are sitting on the stairs awaiting the journey upstairs to the laundry basket.
So what better place to start than with the toys that have taken over my house? (I can't think of any.)

So during Noah's nap today I grabbed a garbage bag and got rid of all the toys that fit the following criteria:
1. stuffed animals that don't get played with or are just too big for my liking
2. toys I don't like (generally loud, big, plastic toys)
3. cheap, crappy toys
4. all the McDonald's toys (or similar toys) we've accumulated
5. toys that are missing pieces or pieces of toys that don't belong to anything
6. toys that don't get played with (even if I like them)

I threw out a bunch of toys but some of them are sitting in the garage as I'll likely sort through them and offer them to other families who may like them or sell them in a garage sale or on Kijiji.

I'm going to keep at it and considerably pare down clothing and toys that belong to the boys. It's all just too much. And our house is bursting at the seams!
Less is definitely more.
More room. More appreciation for what we own. More enjoyment in the simple things. More quality. (Less quantity.)
Stay tuned for continued purging posts...


  1. It does feel good. For a while there I Feel like I am ALWAYS purging and how can I let the stuff creep in again? But it happens, it's a vicious cycle.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Miss Steph. :)
    It truly is a vicious cycle. Even if WE are the ones who stop buying MORE STUFF, other people buy it or our kids get to the age where they actually have their own money and THEY buy it!
    Truly vicious, this cycle.

  3. I LOVE purging! Almost as much as I love binging. Binge shopping, that is? What did you think I meant...

    Seriously though. It's been a problem for me too until we had to move... and move again... and yet again. Having to pack and move your stuff (or pay someone else a ridiculous amount to do it for you) really makes you reassess "need".

    Since living in a much smaller place than we previous owned has helped a lot. There's no room, so before I buy something, something else has to go. So there's one up side to living in pricey NorCal.


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