Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elbow pop

Today Noah's elbow popped out for the third time in his short 2.5 years.

I knew right away that's what had happened because he was holding his arm and refusing to move it and any time it shifted in the slightest he winced and whimpered. I gave him some Tylenol and since it happened (I don't even know how it happened this time as I was upstairs, Jamie was downstairs with him and had just turned around to get something when it happened - we still don't know!) right before nap time I just sat and talked with him quietly and then eventually he had a nap. He woke up crying and wouldn't move it again so I texted Jamie to tell him one of us needed to take Noah to emerg. I even called our doctor's office to see if we could go there since I hate going to emerg, but they didn't have any appointment available for today. I couldn't wait until tomorrow - especially with Noah in the condition he was so off I went to the hospital with Noah.
And what does he do the second we pull INTO the hospital parking lot (that you have to pay $6 to get out of!)? He lifts his hurt arm to point at the hospital.
Oh well. So we go in and he starts using his arm to reach for something or to put a snack in his mouth.
Anyway, it was only 1.5 hrs from start to finish so I can't complain, really. By the time we saw the doctor Noah was using his arm again so I'm guessing at some point along the way it popped back in on its own or at least did partially as the doctor said he felt a small pop.
And I did make sure to get the doctor to show me how to pop it back in on my own so we could avoid coming in next time.
Anyway, so all is back to normal and unfortunately according to this doctor there aren't any strengthening exercises we can do. It's just something he's supposed to grow out of. I certainly hope so!


  1. my favourite part about this video is how he remembers the nursey more than the doctor!! :D
    Yay nursey!

  2. This is SOOO cute! I love how he says his name. Glad you guys are doing well :)

  3. Oh my gosh by FAR my fav video of him, too cute saying his name and I love the pursed kissy lips he does haha and hospital IS a funny word, how cute man!


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