Monday, May 10, 2010

A good thing

It seems that most Mommy bloggers did a Mother's Day post.

Some involved flowers or gifts.

Most involved pictures of themselves with their kids.

They were all beautiful.

For Mothers Day I had my husband with me. The father to my children. I wouldn't be a Mother without him! I didn't think he'd be coming home (he was in South Africa) until today, but he surprised me with a return on Saturday evening instead! I was and am very, very thankful.

We went to church.
We came home.
I put together 2 pies and we piled back into the car and into Toronto.
I helped make lunch with my sister and Dad for our family.
We ate lunch and it was yummeriffic.
We all pitched in with money to go toward a bike for my Mom. I think she should get one of these.
I relaxed on the couch while Noah went for a walk with my Mom and sister.
We headed home before dinner so we could get the boys to bed at a decent hour (it had been a couple nights of late bedtimes and/or no naps for both boys!).

I'm not really big on things like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day - you know, the Hallmark holidays.
I remembered being in Africa for my first Mother's Day when Noah was about 7 months old. Mother's Day came and went and I barely noticed. It wasn't until one of the students we were with slipped a handmade mother's day card under our door that I remembered. And I didn't even care that it had come and gone.
I think what's GOOD about hallmark holidays is that they remind us to be thankful for the people in our lives and usually, it makes us more thankful for more than one day a year. And that is a good thing.

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  1. Haha....I just might get one like that! and I think it's similar to what costco carries! hmmmmm maybe cheaper! do I have to use a parasol as well?...I was hoping for some exercise, not sightseeing!


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