Saturday, May 22, 2010

motivation proclamation

This was my first week of training for a 10km race.

Remember this post? And remember how I linked to a 10km race at the Toronto Zoo?

Well, I'm doing it! I'm registered and I'm training (even though it's months away) and I'm SO excited!

So this week was the first of a 10 week training to run a 10km race. It's 5 days on, 2 days off (Friday and Sunday). So I ran 30 minutes on Monday and Wednesday and then did strength training and walking/elliptical on Tuesday and Thurdsay. Saturdays are the longer run and today was supposed to be a 40 minutes run.

So I mapped out my run for roughly 5km including a cool down since I don't have a sports watch. I figured it would take me about 40 minutes to do that.

But I got lost. I realized I had pretty much double backed which frustrated me because I actually wanted to try and do the 40 minute run and not do any less.
So I started running on every crescent I passed in order to cover more ground before getting back home.
As I turned onto my street I slowed to a walk and then did a bit of stretching on my drive way.
I got in and saw that I had ran for about 40-45 minutes.
Then I sat down and mapped out how far I actually ran.

I ran 5.5km!!!! And I could have kept going but I didn't want to get too far away and then have to walk all the way back. I am on such a high! It felt SO good as I was running and I feel so good right now!
It was really the first 3km that killed me but then after that my body got into a rhythm and I just ran.
I feel really encouraged and motivated and proud of myself.
It's been awhile since I could say I felt really proud of something that I accomplished.

*jumps for joy*


  1. wow - congrats! i stand in awe! (seriously!!)

    and it hasn't been THAT long! you DID give birth naturally nearly ten months ago. THAT is much to be proud of! but i'm happy that you are setting goals and achieving them!


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