Thursday, May 20, 2010

a lovely day

It was a lovely day.

Even though Jamie was gone from 9am-9pm we (the boys and I) managed to make the most of it.

Jude woke up at 9 so I got us all dressed and fed and we were out the door on a walk to Starbucks.

But I meandered on the way. Well, I power-walked the l o o o o o o o o n g way to get there.
We walked through the forest and I pushed that double stroller up and down hills in the gorgeous sunshine (it got up to 28 degrees today!).

We got to Starbucks and I ordered 2 mini cherry scones. One for me, and one for Noah.

We sat in the back on the leather couch. Noah munched on his scone and I on mine. Jude enjoyed some Mum Mums. The boys were happy and quiet.

It was wonderful.

Then we walked back home but stopped at a park for 20 minutes to swing on the swings and slide down the slides.

We got home and it was lunch time!


Then naps.

I lay down and Jude woke up (curse you mid-nap poops!) and then Noah woke up shortly after.

We spent some time outside blowing bubbles and running around in our bare feet.

Sure, we had cheese and crackers for lunch and toast with peanut butter for dinner. But we survived. Actually, we did more than just survive. We had fun.
The house is still a mess. The laundry is still sitting in the washing machine (I just remembered this - dang). The kitchen floor is nearing disgusting levels. And don't get me started on the mass amounts of clothes in my room that need to be put away. *sigh*
But I'm going to go upstairs and have a refreshing shower and then read my book (the memoir of a midwife) feeling content with how I spent my day.

(Except the laundry. I'll probably finish that before going to bed.)


  1. Sounds perfect!! And even though I know it would have been more perfect with Jamie there, it was very nice for me to have some time with Jamie.

  2. Hey Vaness, I love this entry, it just shows that you don't HAVE to get all your tasks done and sometimes sacrificing "to dos" to have time with the people (even if they're little people) you love can mean so much more and accomplish so much more. You have a great balance of this and I love it :) You inspire me to throw caution (or planning) to the wind haha!

  3. also how do you get your pictures in a collage like that?

  4. oh vaness!

    look at HOW happy jude is!!
    i think this was a WELL SPENT day!
    *high five*

    you're a wonderful mommy.

  5. Great day! next time, leave a note for your fairy godmommy to arrive while you're out!! Wish I could've spent the day with you all!


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