Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sweetness

Sweet moments that redeem all the crabby ones:

Noah playing "peekaboo" with Jude while in their carseats and making Jude laugh.

Hearing Noah call Jude "Sweetie pie", "Mr. Judeling", "Baby" and "Judester".

Noah getting Jude a toy to play with when he's crying ("Here Jude. Here you go. It's okay baby.")

Seeing the excitement on both boys' faces when they first see each other in the morning (they're still in separate rooms...for a little bit longer me thinks).

Watching Noah finally (and joyfully) share his beloved cars with Jude (after having snatched them away repeatedly).

Sometimes you just gotta focus on the sweet moments instead of the sour.


  1. *tear* so sweet, you have the cutest kids :)

  2. Thanks for this post Vaness.. a great encouragement/ reminder to me today

  3. Now that's a much better behaviour to 'survey'...it's wonderful to see godly character developing in our children...it blesses us and God! How precious are the little ones!


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