Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jude's 9 month letter

Jude, Jude, Jude...

My sweet Jude. You are 9 months old.

You are such a character, my boy. And such a people person. Smiling your big open-mouthed smile at whoever will look at you - and even those who AREN'T looking at you (which makes me want to tell them to look at you because you are so freakin' cute!).
Also, your smile is not so gummy anymore. That's right. We've got teeth, folks. Two on the bottom and your front top two teeth are coming to a mouth near you. Likely in the next month.
The up and coming teeth are causing some discomfort and general crankiness from you. Often this drives me a little crazy, but it'll soon be over.
Also, the teeth have caused some issues during breastfeeding. Yes. You BIT me, young man. And it hurt. And I hollered. And you cried. And then you didn't do it again. So I regret nothing.
Your sleep has gone down the drain lately. Actually just within the past week. The few weeks before you were sleeping completely through the night! It was heaven. And then it stopped. And I wanted to cry.
So after you woke up three times to nurse one night I called it quits. We're done* nursing at night. But it's good. Well, we're only on night 2 of this, but we'll see how it goes.
And oh! You are almost crawling! You can slide backwards and get up on all fours and rock out for a couple seconds, but then you deteriorate into a whining, crying ball of cuteness because you can't figure out how to move FORWARD. I predict you will be crawling within 2 weeks. And then we are in TROUBLE because you are curious and stubborn and single-minded in your determination to get what you want. And when you don't get it, plug your ears! You can holler with the best of them, kid.
And oh! You can sit up on your own now! As of...a few days ago. But actually today was the first time I walked in after a nap to see you sitting on your own. Well done, kiddo! I think you're pretty proud of yourself for this accomplishment.
You're also eating pretty much whatever we eat. And you're only 9 months! For some reason I get it my head that you are older than that...but you're not. And you're doing so well! You've eaten chicken, beef, fish, pork (as of tonight!), you still LOVE sweet potatoes and anything fruity. I don't give you pureed foods anymore (generally) as you can eat bits and bites of pretty much anything I give you.
You are a lip smacker of all lip smackers and it's HILARIOUS.

You've started taking baths with your brother and you LOVE to splash. It's definitely a wetter, messier business to bathe two boys than it is to bathe one! But you love it and you LOVE your brother.
It's really sweet to see you stare at Noah and give him "kisses" as you slobber all over him. Sure he grabs toys away from you, but you'll be able to defend yourself soon enough.
We all love you so much and I am so glad you're my baby...
kisses to you,

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