Monday, April 26, 2010

Why post pictures of my sleeping baby?

Because this is probably the cutest thing you're going to see all day.


  1. yup. you're right. it was the cutest thing i saw today.

  2. ah! Eli has the SAME pajamas! do they have a monkey on the front? oh man! i wish we could get those two together for a pic in their matching pj's and with their gummy smiles!!

  3. Beth - told ya so. :)
    Mel - YES! He just got them as a good bye present from the girl who lived in our basement when she moved out. They are SO cute.
    Just the other day Jen W and I plotted an impromptu trip to Chicago to visit you guys. Sigh. I wish. Can you imagine? 7 kids and 6 adults? Craziness. :)

  4. LOVE! It's just like I'm giving him a hug while he's sleeping :) Warms my heart - miss you and those kiddies already!!

  5. that would be INSANE! but oh so fun! Uche's gone for 9 days in May (8th-16th) so I'm open to any and all visitors, for all your impromptu urges...

  6. OH my goodness, def the cutest thing! Also I was a bit confused at first and thought he was Noah...but more babyish haha, that cutie is rounding out in all the right places :)


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