Thursday, June 3, 2010


When I wear my rain boots I feel invincible.

Or at least impervious to all the creepy crawlies and bird poop (& sometimes cat or rabbit poop) that often hide in our grass.

A glorious rainstorm hit us mid-afternoon and toward the end of it, I threw on my boots and tromped around outside to take some pictures.

It was wonderful.

When I'm holding my camera and my sole purpose is to capture some great shots, all of a sudden the world looks different. I see beauty in everything. Even the creepy crawlies (though most were hiding because of the rain).

I love post-rainstorm pictures. Rain drops glisten like nature's treasure. Tiny little gems perch on every leaf, petal and branch.





  1. the one of the raindrop sagging the white blossom is brilliant. fantastic. :)

  2. Oh wow...they are amazing moments of beauty!! You need to submit these to contests.....I know they'd win! Even our church's Celebration of the ARts many do photography...these are so good!

  3. these are stunning, V! great job!

  4. Gorgeous photography, Vanessa!

  5. i always love reading your blog, vanessa. And your photography is totally inspiring!


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