Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm on week 6 of my 10 week training program to run 10km. Now my race isn't until October, but I wanted to start training right now.
On Friday I walked up this crazy steep hill lugging both Noah and Jude in a wagon and a heavy cooler (not a part of my training) and I think I must have strained my calf muscles because my runs on Saturday and Monday were cut short due to my calf muscles cramping up. I was frustrated and disappointed - especially because my Saturday run was supposed to be 50 minutes long and I was really set on completing it.
Today was just an easy 35 min run and I did it at the Y on the treadmill.
*Side note: I realize I dislike running on the treadmill. Running outside is so much more motivating and invigorating for me. When I run on the treadmill I'm lazier and sometimes stop before my run is "over" just because I feel like it.
But today's run was great! I got stuck on a machine that is only in miles and I couldn't figure out how to change it to km's but I felt really good, completed my 35 mins and then came home to figure out how far I had run. Turns out I ran over 6km! I felt like I could have gone longer and both my legs and my lungs felt fine! It was the definition (in my mind) of A Good Run.
On Saturday I'm doing an 8km run and I just really want to finish it! I'll worry about my time later.

But since starting the program I haven't lost weight. I know that it's because my eating habits are so bad and I snack a lot at night and I have a WICKED sweet tooth. It's a bit discouraging, but I've been (re)motivated to stop my nighttime snackings (again) and hopefully that will help the weight come off.

However, I do feel encouraged that I can so "easily" run for 35 mins. The difference in how I feel when I finish is remarkable compared to when I started running.

Who knows? Maybe I'll attempt an half marathon next year!


  1. i found when i started working out/running that i didn't lose weight right away either...but i did FEEL healthier. and then i realized that my weight didn't change too much, but my fat/muscle ratio definitely changed.

  2. I have never lost much weight from cardio like running but i found anaerobic exercise does wonders for me! It makes me sweat like crazy & helps me tone up. I usually do classes at the gym but you could do it on your own, basically, combining short periods of cardio with strength exercises like lifting weights. Weight lifting gives that lean, toned appearance which is what is most important since muscle is heavier than fat.


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