Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The past week we've been somewhat restricting Noah's video/screen intake, mostly because it was getting out of hand again.
After Jude was born, Noah spent a lot of time watching tv. He was at the point where he would obsess over a movie and then watch it over and over and over again. First it was Madagascar. Then Nemo. Then Monsters Inc. And he would sit and watch an entire full-length movie! I felt guilty, though because I just couldn't give him the attention I wanted to or knew he deserved.
But then the sun came out.
And his appetite for the outdoors increased ten fold and we very, very, very rarely turned the tv on.
And now...perhaps the novelty of the outdoors has waned somewhat (although he really is my little Outdoorsman) and lately he's been all about Curious George (which is great because they're only 15 mins long and I can limit it to one or two) and old Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck videos on YouTube.
So as a follow up to my previous post about kid-friendly YouTube videos, here's some nostalgia for those who enjoy a good Mickey comic. (This is Noah's favourite.)

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