Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Kiddie Pool

Jamie's been away since last Thursday (he'll be back tonight!) and in the meantime, we've had to occupy ourselves otherwise.

Yesterday was a lovely day. No humidity. The sun was out. It wasn't too hot, but hot enough to fill up the kiddie pool!

After a lecture (and a splash in the face) I gave to Noah about not splashing his baby brother in the face, both boys laughed and giggled and splish splashed to their hearts content.

It's been so sweet to watch them and their budding relationship. Their ups and downs, the grabbing, pushing and pulling. The laughing, hugging and tickling. The wrestling (or attempts at it) and the playing (oh how adorable it is to see Jude "driving" a car alongside Noah) together.
I pray for them and the men they will grow into. I pray they will sharpen each other and be strong, godly men who love Jesus and love others deeply and passionately.

But in the meantime...we'll all splash in the pool together.

You Capture: Water


  1. bahhh *happy tear & a heart melt!
    love <B

  2. No humidity? What is that like- I have forgotten! Cute captures!

  3. Oh, such cute shots! They look like they're having so much fun!

  4. I adore it when my boys play nicely together too. Although of course that doesn't happen EVERY time. ;)

    These are great, love the last one!


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