Friday, June 25, 2010

6 years

Six years ago today I married the best man I know.

Jamie and I met each other when we were about 9 years old at our church. We've grown up together. We were friends first and then high school sweethearts.
When we finally got married it was perfect day.
It was fun and funny.
I was so glad for all the work and stress and details that went into that day (because up until that day I totally wanted to elope).
All our friends were there.
All our family were there.
I wore the dress.

We said "I do".

We kissed.

We ate.
We danced.
It was a beautiful day.

The last 6 years have been really fun, but especially the last few have been hard. Having kids does not make a marriage any easier.
But it does make it fuller.

It has shown me the depth of the man I married. The patience. Forgiveness. Steadfastness.
He is so much more than who I thought he was 6 years ago.
I pray I keep discovering and learning and loving him when we're celebrating our 26th anniversary.


  1. WOOT!

    i loved this (:
    i especially liked how you ate, and danced! (:

  2. You are such a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary! :D

  3. It really was a beautiful day as it seemed that everyone was celebrating with you....a truly full day of blessing! Congratulations on your 6th anniversary!

  4. What a cute couple you were in high school and you were a beautiful couple on your wedding day and have become more amazing each year!

  5. Woah woah wait a minute you were how old when you got married!??
    I guess both your frontal lobes had advanced development seeing as you made a great choice :)


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