Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cathedral (castle)

Today on the way home from a quick visit to my sweet friend Suz who just had her first baby, Noah commented on the huge cathedral that he could see out his window.

It's a BIG castle, Mommy!

I decided we'd make a quick visit to see the "castle".
After driving up the hill we pulled into the parking lot and Noah said,

It's so much bigger than me!

I laughed out loud with such a feeling of joy. The simple observations he makes are seemingly obvious to me, but to him, it's all new. What a delight to be around a child who is experiencing new things, but is also able to verbalize the newness that he is experiencing!

Before we went into the main cathedral and I told Noah we needed to be very quiet because we didn't want to disturb anyone who was praying God.

he added.

Later this evening Noah brought up our trip to the cathedral again.

...and it was so big and we had to be very quiet.

Yes. Yes, we did my sweet, sweet boy.


  1. vanessa, he has such a great smile... wow! i'm glad you shared this :)

  2. That's so cool (and cuter than words can say) to hear how Noah sees things...which is how we all once saw things at one point :)

  3. Yes, delight is the perfect word! and this is one reason why we ought to be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven :)


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