Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the wave

It melts my heart every time.

It's Jude's newest discovery.


Who knew something as simple as waving your hand through the air could melt my heart into a gooey puddle of love for this sweet boy?

He first did it at the airport last week when Jamie was saying goodbye to his boys. Noah (of course) refused to look at him but Jude smiled and then did a really big (long) wave.


And then yesterday when my Mom left after staying with us for a couple days, we stood on the front porch and Jude waved and waved and waved until her car pulled out of sight.

*this is me being a complete gushing fool over the latest development of my 2nd born*


  1. Yes, I saw that sweet! I got a couple to great shots of clapping and crawling too!

  2. Aww soo cute :) Can't wait to see pics from Grandma's visit!!!


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