Thursday, April 21, 2011

first phone call

This past week has been really loosey goosey and kinda go-with-the-flow. Jamie's not on campus (but still working from home) and I'm trying to pack and keep up with the daily things like laundry and cleaning and dishes.
Anyway, so all that to say I'm somewhat distracted. With most things.

So this afternoon, I was scrounging up a pre-dinner snack for me (I was starving for some reason) when Noah decided to pretend to call me on our phone. I heard him press a few buttons but didn't think much of it.
Then we stopped our pretend conversation but a few minutes later I noticed he still had the phone to his ear and was talking differently and it looked like he was listening for a response.
So I asked him if he was really talking on the phone.

Yes. To Auntie Erin. 

I asked him if he was really talking to Auntie Erin.

Yes. .... (to Erin) but we went to the toy store; Jesters. Do you remember?
(referring to a toy store we went to over a month ago.)

So Jamie goes over and listens in and confirms that yes, he is really talking to Erin. We both are laughing really hard right now and eventually Jamie gets the full story that somehow Noah called the place where Erin works and by chance Erin happened to pick up the phone and say, "Hello? Hello?" Noah asked her what her name was and she said, "Noah? Is this you? It's Auntie Erin!"

So random. But really funny and cute.

In between the hairy, chaotic and out of control moments there are moments that make me laugh. Pretty much every single day.
If you can laugh, life is good.

And now I'm going to finish making macaroni and cheese for dinner while Jude "drives" a cup around on the kitchen floor. Because it's been one of those kind of days. You know, the ones that are chaotic and distracted with the funny moments in between?


  1. WOW - of all the people that Noah could have called ... and of all the people that could have picked up ... WOW!! God is good ... and that's funny!!!

  2. Yes, definitely God is good!! Yikes!! but hilarious!


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