Friday, April 8, 2011

my random life

Overheard this morning:

whimpering and crying from Jude
Noah: sorry Jude! sorry!
more whimpering from Jude
Noah: SORRY!
whimpering stops
Noah: Jude, do you forgive me?
Jude: NO.

(Jude still doesn't say "yes".)

Noah: Mom! Jude doesn't forgive me!
Me: Well, Jude also doesn't know how to say "yes" right now so maybe he does.
Noah: Can I have some yogurt?

Ah the randomness of having kids.


  1. ha! that is so funny! the injustice! Eli also doesn't know how to say yes yet, which can be both hilarious and frustrating at times.

  2. I love your conversation format, it makes the situation so much more hilarious!

  3. wow. i'm JUST as random as noah. i love this kid.


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