Sunday, April 10, 2011


today i wore capris and flip flops and no coat and it.was.awesome.

we all took naps this afternoon and when jamie got up (i let him sleep longest as he's in the worst part of the cold we've all been going through) he stepped outside and said,

have you been outside?

i had. just not within the last hour or so and when i did step onto our front porch it was decided.
we all tromped upstairs, the boys got in shorts and tees and we went outside.
we walked to the park and played there for awhile and not even the lure of ice cream could tempt noah away from the park! (can you tell we've missed outdoor play?)
eventually we walked 15 minutes to Licks to get hamburgers and french fries for dinner.
and noah got a free ice cream cone with his meal.
it was awesome.
seriously - awesome. i think it was like 20 degrees or something ridiculously warm.
bring on the heat!

ps. this morning i did decide to take the boys to church but not put them in the nursery (as they both had coughs and runny noses - look at me! being all responsible-like). so we were in the worship part of the service for a bit and then in the foyer on the couches (when the boys started getting too rowdy) and then on the stage as a family while jamie spoke. 
also, i totally bribed noah and told him if he came on the stage and behaved nicely that he'd get a lollipop. well of course i let him "hold" the lollipop going onto the stage and of course he didn't want to just "hold" it on stage so there i was, opening up a lollipop on stage while jamie was giving an update and overview of us moving to Uganda. noah put on a good show and sashayed his way around the stage and made faces at our friend in the front row, but he was cute and so i was happy that i didn't have noah the grump because noah the cutie is so much more enjoyable (and funny). 
also, i totally started tearing up when jamie mentioned how we would be sad to leave the church because of the friends we had made and i had to concentrate on noah's antics so i wouldn't completely lose it. 
we are going to miss our church family here in guelph.


  1. what a cute ice cream picture! I loved reading this reminds me that even though we have snow and mud, and water everywhere, the warm weather IS coming, and we won't want to come inside at all!
    Where are you moving to? I've probably heard, but I forget lol

  2. Oh no. Did we miss your family send off???
    A was at home with Jakester because we didn't want to put him in the nursery and I was in Sunday School. Sad sad.

  3. @Jade - well, ultimately we are moving to Uganda for 2 years but for May-July we'll be in Toronto with my parents before we go in August.
    @Suz - yeah, it was our send off. But we'll still be around 'til Easter. Speaking of which, I had a crazy idea that I have yet to convince Jamie of...


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