Friday, April 22, 2011


it's Good Friday.
we went to church this morning {after i told jamie to change his shirt - it was too easter sundayish}.
it was a good service and helped me to further reflect on Jesus and his death.
for me.
as we watched a drama interspersed with video/images a verse popped into my head,

Isaiah 53:5b
and with his stripes, we are healed.

the beatings, the wounds, it was all for us. all because of us. because of me. i am healed through his stripes, his wounds.

after church we came home and the sun was shining and toys were strewn about the backyard so i quickly checked some emails while jamie was outside with the boys. seconds later he raps on the window and i look outside to see jude standing {splashing happily, actually} in 3 inches of water that had pooled in the lid of our sandbox truck. with his jeans and "church shoes".
jamie had looked away for a minute and this happened

so i grabbed my camera {of course} and head outside.
and then i made sure this happened

and it wasn't particularly hot but the sun was shining and jude was happy to tromp around the backyard with no pants on. 

and that's life, i guess. balancing on one hand the solemnity of today and remembering the horrible, excruciating death Jesus died for me; for us. and on the other hand laughing with my family and shedding the "wet jeans and sludgy church shoes" because we have Jesus and the grace he gives us every day.
i don't always understand it, but i'm incredibly thankful for it. for Him.

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  1. hmm I was tempted to tell my hubby to change his shirt too...way to easter sundayish ;) haha!
    love this story of balance and life!


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