Monday, April 25, 2011


i am the best person to throw a surprise party for.
simply because i am always completely clueless and totally blown away.

a week or so ago i got an email from my sweet friend jen, inviting me and a few others to join her today to have a little birthday celebration at her place. myself and several others replied saying that of course we'd be there.

today i had lined up a hair appointment that was conveniently right before the party and as i walked in to jen's house with freshly cut hair {whoo boy i needed it: as in i couldn't remember exactly when i last had my hair cut} i saw that jen had a funny look on her face. within seconds a bunch of people jumped out holding signs with "1/2" and "30" on them and it took me a minute to figure out that this party was not for jen, but for my 1/2 birthday. you see, i turn 30 on october 21st which means i'll be in uganda by then.
my amazing friends jen & suz had organized a surprise 1/2 birthday party {i turned 29 and 1/2 on april 21st} for me in the guise of a birthday party for jen so that i would get to celebrate my 30th with my friends!


there were tears, folks. and then i believe i said that i was thankful i had just gotten my haircut. {oh the vanity.}

and if that weren't amazing enough it was a "1/2 and 1/2" party which means that people gave money in lieu of gifts and half of it i get to give to an orphanage in Uganda when i go! this speaks so deeply to who i am and what i'm passionate about. and my friends know it and are now a part of it.

best 1/2 birthday present EVER.

it was also a really great opportunity to say some good byes and spend some time with people that have been such a part of my life here in guelph and i truly pray and hope that we will stay in contact with each other over the next few years.

i feel very loved and very blessed and am still in shock.
thank you jen and suz. i love you both very much and am trying not to think about how very much i'll miss the both of you. {please write. and call. and skype.}

more tears.


  1. I'm so so sad I couldn't be there :( But I"m so so happy to hear how blessed you felt and are!!! Your friends rock!

  2. Can I celebrate 30 with you in October? I'll be 30, May 4th. We can be friends :)

  3. Kelly - YES! I would love to celebrate with you. And yes to being friends, too. :)

  4. Vanessa!
    What an amazing group of friends - LOVE the donation idea!
    Um, come closer please,,
    little more,,,,, it is imperative I whisper, so NO ONE hears this.
    I'll soon be 50 and Vanessa - ok,
    For real, let's just allow this one to come and go, quietly!

    Happy 1/2 way to 30 !!!

  5. I so wish I could have been there! Thinking of you:)

  6. Ah yes Vaness, you are loved so much!


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