Tuesday, May 3, 2011

around here with these boys


jude has been waking up at (the ungodly hour of) 6:30am. my kids have never been "early" risers. they haven't been late risers, but usually between 7:30 and 8am was the norm around here and I miss it!
whew. i'm tired.

jude's nickname for noah is "neeno". the other day i had both boys in the car with me and noah was pretend sleeping and jude would say,

neeno....neeeeeeeeenooooo.....WAKE UP!

ridiculously cute. (and noah usually says, "i'm not neeno! i'm noah!")

jude sings along with me (or jamie) as i sing "jesus loves me" to him at bedtime. and by "sings along" i don't mean actually singing intelligible words, more of a singsonging of random sounds.

jude wanders around the house saying, "jeeesus? jeeesus?" which means he's looking for the children's storybook bible. (oh my heart. how it melts.)

noah did really well at the move. he wanted to help carry things and help unpack, too.

noah likes to take cars to bed with him. usually one or two of his favourites. i think it's cute and inevitably in the morning he can't find one and we have to search for it.

noah is growing like a weed! he's getting too tall for his size 3 pants and i can't wait for shorts weather so he's not wearing flood pants anymore.

my favourite word that noah says is "gigantic" which usually sounds like "juh'gantic". i love his words.

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