Monday, May 30, 2011

airplanes, school buses, dump trucks and diggers

It was hot today.
It's only going to get hotter tomorrow.
We are armed and ready with a/c, a kiddie pool, lots of cool drinks and a sweet backyard with lots of shade.

Jude kept asking to go in the stroller {"shooooaa"} to see the dump trucks that were working just up the street from my parent's place.
Noah wanted to stay behind to "help" my Mom with the gardening so off we went up the street to see the dump trucks.
We watched several dump trucks back up onto huge hills of dirt and unload massive piles of dirt for at least 20 minutes {why yes I did just park ourselves under a tree in front of someone's yard}.

Yeah, he totally had to bring his "Daddy's ball" {a Man United soccer ball} and his juice. 

Better than tv, I tell ya.

Jude was absolutely enthralled by everything. There were front end loaders and dump trucks and rollers and airplanes flying in the sky {my parents live 5 minutes from the Toronto airport} and because it was 3:30pm, several large school buses passed by in front of us. It was a little boys' heaven.


one of the construction workers came up and asked if Jude wanted to sit in the dump truck.
I said I wasn't sure but we'd try it out.
Eventually Jude consented to sitting with me and we got our picture taken together.

Oh the things you get to do as a boy-Mom.


  1. AHH that's so awesome!!! Being a boy-Mom sounds like it definitely has some perks :)

  2. THIS is one of the best entries!!! Jude, in aew of his world around him... so sweet! And YAY for awesome workers!!!

    My Brayden calls them "mighty machines".... :)


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