Friday, May 27, 2011

Pizza Swirls

enough with the cupcakes already, right?

okay. for those who are not so much into the sweets {ahem, jamie} i've got something for you.

the other day I came across the cutest idea - skewered pizza rolls. basically like pizza on a stick. cute idea, right?
well, mine turned out a little large so I called them pizza swirls and voila! something new! {sorta.}

anyway, so this is a fun alternate to friday night pizza {and a ton cheaper than ordering in!}. tonight I purchased the pizza dough from a little bakery up the street {for $1.75}. but I might try making my own next time. my friend emily has a recipe for pizza dough on her blog that I'll likely try next time. you can check it out here.

all you need is whatever you want on your pizza. we chose typical pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, red & yellow peppers and ham {why yes it does look fancier when you cut sandwich meat into strips.}.

i also made the pizza sauce tonight from tomato paste, tomato juice {leftovers from canned tomatoes}, some minced garlic, fresh basil, some oregano, salt, pepper and a tsp of sugar. you can make your own sauce to your liking.
roll out your dough until you've got a rectangle {or something that resembles a rectangle}.
put your toppings on but save some sauce and cheese for latah.
once you've put all your toppings on {don't layer on too many as you're going to have to roll it all up} you want to roll it a la cinnamon buns. {roll it length-wise so you have a long log-shaped mass.}
grab your sharpest knife and cut approximately 1 inch slices of your roll.
place the slices on a greased baking sheet or one with parchment paper {I love parchment paper}.

then bake for 12 minutes at 425 F. after 12 minutes put a dollop of sauce and cheese on top of each swirl and then bake for about 5 more minutes or until the cheese is nice and bubbly and golden.

Enjoy with a big, green salad and a large glass of wine. {You know I did.}

We dipped ours in ranch dressing but you can serve with a butter/garlic sauce or in a marinara sauce if you like. 
Both the boys downed their pizza swirls with gusto {but that's Jude's style with most food anyway}.

also, Jude got a haircut today. *sniff*

make these and enjoy with friends and family. 

inspired by baked bree's blog. you need to check her out. she is awesome.


  1. 3 thoughts:
    1- mmmmmmm
    2- that salad looks familiar :)
    3- Jude you're so grown up with your hair cut!!

  2. Yes I totally stole your salad! It was so good we had to have a repeat! :)

  3. Nope not stolen... sharing the love! I'm not sure where my Mom found the recipe but I should ask because I'm sure there is more goodness where that came from!

  4. Baked Brees pizza rolls!
    I totally want to try them- looks delish!

  5. Mmm! Mega inspired! I haven't made pizza in MONTHS! I kinda gave up on the pizza after attempting with dairy free/soy free cheese that was 100 times more gross than cheese slices & made me want to throw up. Anyways, these pizza swirls make me want to give it another try, might attempt real buffalo mozza & pray Sebby can handle that. Apparently many people who can't tolerate cows milk do OK with buffalo.


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