Thursday, May 26, 2011


this weekend my sister and i went to a cupcake shop that i am hereby pronouncing as my local cupcake place.
it's pretty cute.
and the cupcakes!
o! the cupcakes!
aside from looking scrumptious i always think cupcakes are so pretty.
like a little itty bitty pretty cake.

{i picked red velvet, raspberry, mango, vanilla, lemon-coconut and hostess - and i'm not telling you how many i ate vs. how many i gave away.}

see how pretty they are?
so if you're in the royal york/dundas area and you like cupcakes {who doesn't?} you need to check swirls out.



  1. We should look for more wonderful places to meet up :) You free next Wed for lunch? I'm off 1130-1:30 :)

  2. love the light, so beautiful on your photos!

    via You Capture
    Light Trigger


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