Friday, May 6, 2011


a few days ago, jamie and i decided we'd take our vacation next week.
and by vacation i mean, drive 15 hours to see our good friends in south carolina.
we're pretty excited.
both boys do really well in the car and our friends have kids roughly the same age as ours. should be fun!

also, two words;

the shopping.

i have to say, i do love to shop. my sister doesn't. my mom doesn't. but i most definitely do.
and here's a few things i'm keeping my eye out for while i'm in the us of a;

raincoats for me and the boys
adorable crocs for jude {i'm thinking of these - in navy}
size 4 shorts for noah
size 4 tees for noah
more of my favourite gap tees {see them here in share the love}
{vanilla coke}
possibly skirts/capris that are suitable for ugands
a bathing suit
possibly a pretty dress for paris {oh did i not mention jamie and i are going to paris for a couple days in june? well. we are. you may freak out with me in 3...2...1...}
good {but stylish and cute} walking shoes

any suggestions/recommendations? {aka, this is your turn to share the love!}
{also, it's going to be hot. like, i get to wear shorts and capris and flops, hot! i'm pumped.}


  1. Enjoy your vacay!

    And Paris!?!?! Awesome!!!! :D

  2. Sounds like F.U.N. Any vacation with specific time allotted for prolonged amounts of shopping is #1 with me. :) We're headed to South Carolina too - in 14 days. Have a great time....and let's compare shopping notes when we get back.

  3. Vanessa...Melissa here. Not sure why my comment went in under "timdatoolman" but just wanted you to know who it was that left you that comment.

    Melissa R.


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